Saturday, November 17, 2007


St Francis Xavier’s produces more 5A achievers
Seven of the 141 ST Francis Xavier’s Primary School students who sat for the UPSR this year achieved 5As compared to only two last year.
They are Daryll Evan Alexius Shirley Lidovicus, Lionelson Norbert Yong, Livani Chanthirasekar, Nurul Farhana Safran, Shirlee Sazalee and Ainnur Nasreen. The school registered a 61.3 percent percentage passes compare to 60.4 percent last year, said it headmistress, Helena Edirin.


Top achievers receive RM100 each
SK Holy Trinity was the top UPSR achiever in the district with 22 of its students scoring 5As. Its passing rate also increased from 84 percent to 86.2 percent. The top scorers were Aezalia A Malek, Andi Muhammad Amin, Andi Muhammad Basri Pojojongi, Ariel Logujin Premus, Asyraaf Yusuf, Benny Aguspare Masse, Bezalee Ginsos, Dzulfa Jiplin, Ersey Flourish Jefrin, Kasing Webbly, Melvira Malson, Mohd Zairin Mohd Zainurin, Mohd Safian Salim, Nur Adilah Syahirah Rasid, Nur Hidayah Farhana Radzi, Nur Azlin, Hasbullah, Nur Shafiqah Sabir, Nurul Atiqah Sady, Sharifah Noor Baizura Ahmad and Siti Nazaliah Ahmat Jailani. Meanwhile, the Senior Assistant of the school, Nagula Arul, will be retiring at the end of this year. Nagula has served in the education sector for 35 years and she has been teaching at the school for 10 years. Previously, she was a teacher at SK St Patrick here for 11 years.
In conjunction with her retirement, her husband T Arulanathan, who is managing director of Hashena Plantations Sdn Bhd cum director of Plus-Bumimas Sdn Bhd, gave RM100 each to the 22 top UPSR scorers.


34 7As achievers from Shan Tao

The teachers’ dedication and hard work were instrumental in the outstanding achievement of SJK (C) Shan Tao in this year’s UPSR, said its principal, Goh Teck Seng. Speaking at the school’s 53rd graduation ceremony yesterday, he said out of the 239 students who sat for the UPSR this year, 34 of them scored 7As while another 27 obtained 6As He said the school also scored an overall passing rate of 80.75 per cent, a slight improvement of last year’s 80 per cent. “Among the high achievers were some Bumiputera children,” said Goh, adding that the school also excelled in Mathematics with a passing rate of 99.58 per cent.
In another Development. Goh said the school management had recently submitted the building plan for its proposed new building to the Kota Kinabalu City Hall for approval. Lamenting that the school classrooms are overcrowded, he said that compared to the other schools which have a maximum of 35 students per class, each of its 33 classrooms is currently packed with between 61 to 62 students and that it has been giving a lot of pressure to its teachers. Out of the 33 classrooms catering for its 1,670 students, 28 of them are temporary ones. Once completed, the proposed RM4 million four-storey building is expected to create an additional 25 classrooms, said Goh, adding that 30 per cent of its students are Bumiputera. Also present at the occasion were Assistant Resource Development and Information Technology Minister cum Luyang assemblywoman Melanie Chia: Catherine Yong, the chairlady of the school board; Dr Hiew King Cheu, chairman of its Alumni Association; Thomas Tham. chairman of its Parents and Teachers Association and William Chu, chairman of the Sabah Chinese Primary Schools Working Committee.


Sabah students still weak in English, Maths, Science
Sabah recorded a slight increase in this year’s UPSR performance with 895 of the 44,832 students from Government and vernacular primary schools who sat for examination scoring straight 5As and 7As. The State’s overall passing rate increased by 1.32 per cent from 44.4 per cent in 2006 to 45.72 per cent this year, State Education Department Evaluation and Examination Sector Head Jr Datu Jamigul Datu Salim disclosed yesterday. He said 20,497 students achieved Grade C or the minimum passing grade in all the subjects taken. “The results showed students across the State are still weak in English, Mathematics and Science subjects with less then 50 per cent of them scoring grade A,” said Datu Jamigul in a statement. Of the 19 top students from Sabah, 10 were from Kota Kinabalu, four from Tawau, three from Kota Belud and two from Sandakan. They are Serena Marissa Karnail (SK Stella Maris) Nurfarahin Rambedan (SK Kepayan), Charlene Chee Shao Ling (SK St Francis Convent) Lim Han Liang (SK St Agnes. KK), Aizuddin Aguse (SK Luyang, KK), Joan John (SK Mutiara), Shera Jane Peter (SK St Joseph, Penampang), Mohd Hamizan Farhan Mohd Jeffri (SK Kg Contoh Petagas , Nur Farhana Ahmad (SK Taun Gusi, Kota Belud), Scholastica Dumat (SK Giok, Tamparuli), Mohd Uwais Roslan (SK Narawang), Kasmia Parussangi (SK Sungai Manila, Sandakan), Phang Wei Terd (SK St Monica, Sandakan), Awanis Zakaria (SK Kalabakan), Nur Ain Syafiera Yusman (SK Jambatan Putih, Tawau), Foo Yee Zin (SJKC Shan Tao, K.K Maxmillian Chia Ka Cheng (SJKC Yuk Chin Jalan Kuhara, Tawau), Sia Zheng Cheng (SJKC Sin Hwa, Tawau) and special student Wong Fui Jing Crystal (SJKC St Peter, KK). Wong Fui Jing Crystal, who is a spastic, scored 6A and lB. said Datu Jamigul. Among the Government primary schools that produced a big number of straight 5As achievers were SK St Monica with 32 students, followed by SK St Francis Convent (27), SK Sri Gaya (25), SK St Agnes (24) and SK Mutiara Kota Kinabalu (21). Six of the top vernacular primary schools were SRJK (C) Shan Tao with 34 students followed by SRJK (C) Chung Hwa Kg Air (32), SRJK (C) St James Likas (20), SRJK (C) Yuk Chin Tawau (18), SRJK (c) Chung Hwa Likas (13) and 13 students from SRJK (C) Sin Hwa Tawau. Students who were not satisfied with their results could contact their schools headmaster before Dec 16 to have their results - rechecked, added Datu Jamigul,