Sunday, October 7, 2007



The Rotary Club of Likas Bay is organizing its annual Vocational Career Guidance Exhibition at Dewan Masyarakat PA’ Musa in Beaufort from 8am to 1pm on Saturday, 20 October. Under the Rotary International programme, October is the Vocational Service month and the Rotary Club of Likas Bay has been organizing Vocational Career Guidance Seminar and Exhibition every year for the benefit of rural students in various part of Sabah. As most career guidance programmes carried out by other organizations are held in urban centres, this programme is for students and parents from Beaufort district, as well as Sipitang and Kuala Penyu. The exhibition focuses mainly on the sub- professional and blue-collar jobs. According to Rotary Club of Likas Bay President Peter Yapp, sub-professional and blue-collared workers are supplementary to professional personnel in any industry and they provide the important support in leading and supervising the semi-skilled and unskilled workers. In a developing nation, and in particular the State of Sabah, where industrial development is in its early stage, we are desperately short of personnel for the sub- professional and blue-collar. The forthcoming Career Guidance Exhibition will be participated by various institutions and organizations highlighting their available courses and other relevant information for students and parents to select. A special booth will also be set up to conduct career tests for indecisive students so that they would be advised on their various possible options of matching careers. Seventeen institutions and organisations have been invited to participate in the exhibition and they are as follows: Sabah Skills & Technology Centre, Peak Education Consultancy, Asian Tourism Institute College. Akademi Mahir Sabah, INTl College Sabah. Kolej Eastern, Jabatan Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Sabah, Akademia Binaan Malaysia, Kolej Kejururawatan & Kesihatan Masterskill, Sabah Institute of Art, Music Mart Academy & Performing Arts, Institute of Engineers Malaysia Sabah Branch, Institut Pertanian Sabah, Kolej Yayasan Sabah, Institution of Surveyors Malaysia, Sabah Branch, AlmaCrest International College and Institut Latihan Perindustrian Kota Kinabalu (ILP). This career exhibition will be declared open by Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Lajim Haji Ukin, State Assemblyman for Klias and Chief Project _ Inspector under the Chief Minister’s ‘ Department. The organising chairman, Philip Chong, who is also Past President, appeals to all schools around the Beaufort, Sipitang and Kuala Penyu districts to encourage their students and parents to take this opportunity to attend the upcoming Vocational Career Exhibition. For more information, they may contact him at 088-420860,016-8306282.


KOTA KINABALU: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman said the State Government would ensure that the amendment to the Land Acquisition Ordinance would not be subject to abuse. He said the amendment was carefully studied before it was tabled in the State Legislative Assembly recently. “We will make sure that no government agency will abuse this amendment for personal interest,” he said in a statement yesterday. Musa, who is also Finance Minister, said the purpose of the land acquisition amendment was strictly for public services and utilities. He said in the past when there were development projects to be implemented by the government or through its agencies, the relevant authorities would often times run into problems. “This is because some land owners are uncooperative and demand for unreasonable land compensation.” He said as result, various public service and utility projects such as the provision of power and water supply were delayed due to tussle over land compensation with the owners. “When infrastructure projects and other basic amenities such as electricity and water are delayed, the people complain and then blame the government.” Musa said the people must also realize that this sort of land acquisition amendment has long been in place in other states in Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak. He said the amendment was tabled recently to facilitate the implementation of much needed infrastructure projects including utility projects in Sabah and that the state did not want to be left behind in terms of the overall development of the state. “Certain quarters should not simply make statements about this amendment that could confuse and mislead the people.” Musa said the opposition was also using the issue of the land acquisition amendment to gain political mileage by instilling fear into the people that their land would be simply taken away by the government. “The government is not irresponsible so as to take away the people’s land for the personal interest of its agencies.”


Islam Hadhari does not impair other religions: PM

KOTA KINABALU: Islam Hadhari is a guideline that would further strengthen the administrative system without impairing the interests of other religions, the Prime Minister said. Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in stressing this said the concept contributes towards greater and just management, thus providing various opportunities to all people, regardless of their backgrounds. “Islam Hadhari has long existed and all Malaysians have adapted to it, each having their own religions and beliefs. ”In fact, Islam Hadhari does not burden anyone, including those from other religions. Instead, it enables everybody to enjoy the benefits of development, such as through schools to gain knowledge and make one a better person,” he said. Speaking while delivering a talk during the Maghrib prayers at the breaking of fast event at the State Legislative Assembly Building here yesterday, Abdullah said apart from being mentally prepared, the people should also be physically and spiritually strong. “It is our knowledge and other positive elements that make us better persons. In fact, when we do our prayers, if it is done well, then we will gain goodness and vice versa,” he said. Earlier, Abdullah presented donations to 60 orphans from Tambunan, Beaufort and Tuaran. Also present were Abdullah’s wife, Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, and other Cabinet Ministers and Barisan Nasional component party leaders. Abdullah also joined in the Isyak prayers and tarawih at the event. On the opposition’s claims that Islam Hadhari aimed to Islamise all quarters. Abdullah said such were meant to confuse the public, deviating them away from the actual principles. “The opposition has never agreed to what we (Government) have done, therefore what we should do is to explain to the people and make them understand what Islam Hadhari really means,” Abdullah stressed. Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, in his speech, attributed political stability in Sabah to commitment and awareness of the State Barisan Nasional leadership. “The economic development strategy of the Federal Government has shot down all naughty claims by certain quarters. We believe with the stable and conducive scenario, the Barisan Nasional will be able to win big in the coming general election …… this is what drives us to work harder as one team, to respect the mandate given by the people in the last election he said.